Books are often available in public libraries, and are listed at unless otherwise noted.

A selection from Au Soleil or African Wanderings by Guy de Maupassant, published 1903, M. Walter Dunne at International Dance Discovery. Descriptions of the Ouled Naïl by two early 20th-century travelers.

"Dance of the Ouled Naïls" (an excerpt of Crossroads of the Mediterranean) by Hendrik de Leeuw, Hanover House, New York, 1954.

An excerpt from Desert Winds by "Hafsa," 1927 at International Dance Discovery.

Flute of Sand: Experiences with the Mysterious Ouled Nail by Morgan, Lawrence, originally published by Odhams Press, London, 1956 (not at; facsimile edition published by Cinnabar, 2001; write P.O. Box 1071, Bristol BS99 1HE).