These books are available at some public and university libraries, and are listed at unless otherwise noted.

Frühlingsfahrt in die Sahara by Werner Wrage, Radebeul, 1959 (not on amazon).

Imazighen—The Vanishing Traditions of Berber Women by Margaret Courtney-Clarke, Clarkson Potter Publishers, New York. Examines the difficult lives and remarkable arts of Berber women in the Atlas mountains.

Marriage Ceremonies of Morocco by Edward Westermarck, London, 1914.

Ritual and Belief in Morocco by Edward Westermarck, London, 1926.

Tableau de la Musique marocaine by Alexis Chottin, Paris, 1939 (not on amazon).

Tribes of the Rif by Carlton Coon, Cambridge, MA, 1931 (not on amazon).