Araf is well known for its publication of high-quality audio and video field recordings collected from the Egyptian and North African countryside. The video Dances of Egypt earned Aisha Ali a Lifetime Achievement award from the Giza Academy of Music and Legends of Dance in 1997; in the year 2000, Tunisian Rhythms and Raqs Shaabi, along with the documentary Dances of North Africa received the Best Instructional Video award.


WEDDING IN LUXOR Filmed in Upper Egypt in 1997 by Aisha Ali, the video focuses on the gypsy wedding entertainers known as Ghawazee, giving an intimate view of their performances at a weeklong wedding celebration.

DANCES OF EGYPT on DVD with a 1977 bonus clip of the Banat Mazin performing with Aisha for the cast of "Death on the Nile."

DANCES OF NORTH AFRICA: Tunisia and Morocco, Volume I Folkloric music and dance collections filmed in Tunisia and Morocco between 1973 and 1982 (DVD).


DANCING WITH AISHA: Tunisian Rhythms and Raqs Shaabi This DVD version includes a costume demonstration and text information in addition to the original program.


AISHA DANCES, Volume I: Egyptian Dances (DVD) The first of a two-volume series featuring Aisha Ali performing her most popular repertoire. Volume I presents a variety of Egyptian dances, including two classic Raqs Sharqi dances and six Ghawazee styles—Banat Maazin, Saidi, Awalem, Sumbati, Et Teit, a Fellahin cane dance and a 19th-century style Ghazeyeh sword dance.

AISHA DANCES, Volume II: Dances of the Arab World (DVD) The second of a two-volume series featuring Aisha Ali performing raqs sharqi, Ouled Naïl, Tunisian Shaabi, Moroccan Shikhat, Khaliji, and an awalem style cane dance.


DANCES OF NORTH AFRICA, Volume II: Libya and Algeria.

MUSIC OF THE GHAWAZEE, Volume II: Digitally music recorded in 1997 in Upper Egypt. The musicians are the same Aisha Ali recorded 24 years earlier.

EGYPTIAN RHYTHMS, a studio recording produced by Aisha Ali featuring tabla and req master, Ali Darwish. Recorded in 1994, these dynamic rhythm samples were compiled and edited for the purpose of teaching Raqs Sharqi to dance students.

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