Belly Dance with Aisha Ali



Aisha Ali is an internationally recognized authority on the dances of Egypt and North Africa. Following her successes in the United States, she performed widely in Europe and the Middle East. For over twenty years she directed her own folkloric ensemble, the Aisha Ali Dance Company.


"One of our national treasures..."


Peter Sellars - 1993 - Los Angeles Festival

The mixed level “in-person class” is on Tuesday at 7pm. Reservations are  required. For details on schedules and registration requirements go to the Classes page. 

Thursday 7 pm Zoom classes are open to all and no reservations are required

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visit the interviews gallery on this website to hear the KCRW podcast “Searching for the Root: The Incredible Journey of Aisha Ali” as well as the KPFK podcast with Mark Humphrey. Also don’t forget to visit the Resources section for “Recommended Reading”.