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Music of the Ghawazee

Music of the Ghawazee


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Recorded by Aisha Ali in Upper Egypt in 1973 and 1974, this music includes four dances by the Abu Kherage mizmar band playing for a group of Ghawazee known as the Banat Mazin, a cane dance accompanied by salameya, tar and tabla, and rabab music played by the Met’qal ensemble.
  1. Abu Kharage mizmar group. Sagat: Banat Mazin
  2. Raqs – Salameya, rebab, tar, and darbuka – 4:46
  3. Ghaziyeh Dance – Abu Kherag group – 4:19
  4. Raqs Al Ghawazee – Abu Zaria arghool and mizmar folk orchestra – 4:39
  5. Stick Dance – Salameya, tar, and darbuka – 2:54
  6. Dance Music – Met’qal rebab ensemble – 6:37
  7. Met’qal Song – Dayati Mali – 2:04
  8. Mizmar Dance Medley – Abu Kherage Group – 6:51
  9. Mazin Song – Qali Al Wada – 3:39
  10. Rebab piece – Bambutia – 2:53
  11. Music for the Banat Mazin – Abu Kherage folk group – 13:24
    • Part I: Dance Song – Fayn Ya Sabaya
    • Part II: Ghawazee dance
    • Part III: Dance Song – Eddi ‘lu

Audio Samples:

Abu Kherage Mizmar Group (395 K) Raqs al Ghawazee (Abu Zaria Folk Orchestra) (334 K) Dance Music (Met’qal Rebab Ensemble) (328 K) Fayn Ya Sabaya (445 K)

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